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Dog Dental Care / Cat Dental Care

Dog_Dental_CareDr. Nicole has completed multiple CE hours in advanced dentistry for canines and felines.  We provide routine scaling and polishing followed by a sealant and at-home care instructions.  We also provide dental radiography and bonding as well as performing complicated extractions.  We perform full mouth extractions on feline stomatitis patients.  We use a bone-growth promoter in areas of important tooth loss and suture all surgical sockets.  Pain control is provided with both local and injectable medications as well as take-home oral medications.  All procedures are performed under general anesthesia.  Most dental patients are able to go home the same day and return to eating within a few hours.  We offer free cat and dog dental care estimates.

Dental care is extremely important in pets as dental disease is present in approximately 80 percent of pets.  Inflammation and infection in the mouth can affect many other organs within the body.  Most animals do not show evidence of pain even with advanced disease.  Many owners notice how much better their pet acts after the disease is treated.  Some subtle signs to look for in your pet include pawing at face, chewing on one side, odor coming from mouth, reluctance to be touched on the face, swellings on the inside of mouth or under the eye, reluctance to eat dry kibble, and decreased grooming in felines.